Kubernetes service Monitoring in percona

I need to monitor k8s service through percona? is this possible?
Referred below document

During the configuration session, i faced an error mentioned below
[apiVersion and kind need to be set]
I think values.yaml file in https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Percona-Lab/k8s-monitoring/main/vm-operator-k8s-stack/values.yaml is the problem.
Is there any correct file or can you guys help me to resolve this issue?

Hi @Raj1 , if you are still experiencing the issue, could you please specify the exact location in the documentation where you are encountering the problem?

For example, if you encounter the “apiVersion and kind need to be set” error when running a specific command, please provide the details of the command that is giving you this error or the step you did until now. This will allow me to better assist you by replicating the steps.

Thank you, Raj!


Issue has been resolved, thanks

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