How to integrate PMM with existing setup on K8s

Hi friends,

I have a Kubernetes Cluster (EKS), on the cluster i have an existing kube-prometheus-stack setup which includes both Prometheus and Grafana.

My goal is to be able to have this mysql dashboard up and running to pull data from aws rds (MySQL Overview dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs) on my grafana.

I am trying to follow the instructions and I’m struggling to find out how i can install the PMM server? on my kubernetes cluster. Setting up - Percona Monitoring and Management.

I have come across 2 confusing points percona operator and percona grafana plugin. I don’t know if i need these to do what i want?

can someone point me in the right direction. I need to install the PMM server? but im not sure how given my existing setup.

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