Is it possible get pmm dashboards on separate grafana instance?

I deployed pmm-server to Kubernetes and everything looks fine.

We already have Thanos, Prometheus. Alertmanager and Grafana as central services in our k8s clusters.

I would like to have the metrics that pmm collects from our RDS instances inside the central env components.

For this, I set up a federate between the prometheus instance (central => pmm).
My question is what is the recommended way to get the pmm plugins into the central Grafana, specifically for query analytics (i don’t see the pmm-app plugin published)

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There is not a recommended, nor official way to do this. There are no “pmm plugins” that you can load into your prom/graf setup. Query analytics data is not stored in prometheus, so federating this won’t get you that data. PMM is intended to be installed and used along side your existing infrastructure. The one link I believe you can do is configure PMM to use your existing Alertmanager.

Since everything Percona does is open source, it is possible for you to go to our github and pull the JSON for each main dashboard, but that is not supported.