How to use pmm2 dashboards & exporter in our existing grafana & Prometheus setup

Hi , 
i have a centralised grafana dashboard across vertical to monitor the metrics with diff data sources including
prometheus . i want to integrate pmm2 dashboard and exporter*  in our existing setup. i have imported all dashboards in our existing grafana with Prometheus datasource  and dashboards loaded successfully. Can you plz guide and suggest how can i use all pmm2 exporter in our existing setup so that no need to change the query format/variables under  pmm2 dashboards . 

Here is the list of labels with example data that have to be added in Prometheus targets in order to correctly process formulas in

     agent_id: /agent_id/6e726077-bd18-46f4-a4ba-4395d5e8c370

     agent_type: postgres_exporter

     instance: /agent_id/6e726077-bd18-46f4-a4ba-4395d5e8c370

     node_id: pmm-server

     node_name: pmm-server

     node_type: generic

     region: South Central US

     service_id: /service_id/508b7436-584a-4b7f-9ec1-733a1a238ea3

     service_name: pmm-server-postgresql

     service_type: postgresql

Thanks for the input . Already configured and it’s working fine except one dashboard  ( Home Dashboard ) . I’m getting an error while importing Home dashboard over grafana as panel plugin not found : pmm-update -panel . As per git repo , this is not plugin , this  come from repo . Can you plz help me to resolve this dependency as plugin or alternate way . 

I think you may just remove this pmm-update element from the Home dashboard. Anyway it has no functionality in your installation.
Here are steps for building pmm-app plugin and adding it into Grafana in case if you decide to keep the element.
# git clone
# git checkout PMM-2.0
# cd grafana-dashboards/pmm-app/
# npm i
# npm run build
# cp -r …/pmm-app /var/lib/grafana/plugins/
Restart grafana after a plugin installing.

Also the plugin can be taken from the package percona-dashboards (
Plugin is located in the next folder /usr/share/percona-dashboards

I am am same issue, where we have Standalone prometheus and grafana wanted to utilize QAN of PMM2 . Not errored due to plugin issue… As suggested 

I have download the below rpm … I need to copy only below files   to /var/lib/grafana/plugins/ ?
 rpm -qpl  percona-dashboards-2.6.1-14.2005181356.53769cb.el7.noarch.rpm

Hi Revana,
QAN requires connections to elements that are provided by pmm-server. So there is no chance to use the plugin without pmm-server.