How to use PPM-2.0 branch on my own prometheus instance?

Its a follow up to [PMM-7721] What is the different between dashboards in main git vs the one in PPM2 branch? - Percona JIRA that I opened.

I understand that its recommanded to use the GitHub - percona/grafana-dashboards: PMM dashboards for database monitoring to get the grafana updated dashboards (and not the master because its quite stale).

If that is true then is there any instructions how to import these dashboard on a dedicated prometheus instance without getting a lot of error around missing plugins or no Prometheus Metrics datasource is missing?

Hi Shay,

You may create a copy of your Prometheus data source with name “Metrics”. So dashboard variables will not generate errors refer missed data source.

Plugin digiapulssi-breadcrumb-panel is a community panel. So you may added it into your Grafana instance.