insert/update performace after upgrading from tokumx

I recently upgraded our dev and qa environment from tokumx 2.4 to psmd and our insert/update performance has gone into the tank. There are two collections. The first is roughly 12,400 records that get updated. the second is just under a billion records that only gets inserts. The rate of updates and inserts is about 1mil an hour, give or take.

Both collections are seeing update/insert times of just over 2 minutes quite often, where as before they were in the 3-4ms range. Both collections have appropriate indexes. Both writes and inserts are set to WriteConcern NONE, and happen via the java driver. The engine is PerconaFT.

as a side note, any way to turn off the enormous logging? the server is logging every single update and insert into mongod.log, which seems excessive and generates multi-gig log files every day, given the amount of data we push in to it. From what I gather from the docs, changing the log levels from where it is now will only make things worse lol


My guess is that you’re using one of the RC builds, which is missing recent optimizations. We will be releasing the GA version of Percona Server for MongoDB (PSMDB) in the very near future. I would recommend that you upgrade to that when it’s available; the performance should be much better. Just to note, we have to accept the limitations of the Storage Engine API, which could limit our overall performance due to overhead.

Regarding logging, you can set the verbosity in PSMDB just like you can in MongoDB 3.x. Take a look at this documentation for more info.

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