documentation perconaFT server parameters


I’m missing documentation about available server parameters for perconaFT engine as well as parameters for Collections and Indexes, like they existed with TokuMX?

Aren’t there any parameters any more to be changed/optimized per Collection?

Seems to be available regarding to the source here…
but can’t find any documentation about it.


Thanks for the input! Indeed you’re right, we need to improve upon the docs without question. The good news is that we’re fully aware. The bad news is that it’s all hands on deck to get PSMDB firing on all cylinders, so it’s not going to happen today, but in the near future and likely incrementally. Stay tuned!

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You can find configuration information for the PerconaFT storage engine here:

[url]Percona Server for MongoDB 5.0 Documentation — Percona Server for MongoDB 5.0 Documentation