Migrating from TokuMX to Percona for MongoDB

We are using TokuMX for our production system that servers customers 24x7. The migration instructions indicate dumping all of the data from TokuMX and reloading into Percona for MongoDB. Given our volume of data, this is not reasonable given it would take hours. What are the alternatives? Is there a way to add Percona for MongoDB into a TokuMX cluster? If not, is there a tool that would allow us to read the op log and replicate the transactions?

This migration path is painful and it seems as though TokuMX is being deprecated.

What are our options other than just stay on the Toku platform?


Hi Tom,

My apologies for not seeing this post sooner. There is an offline and online migration process documented here:


The process can be a bit involved. This is due to some compatibility issues between TokuMX and PSMDB features. Please let me know if you have any questions.