Innobackupex extremely slow running since 5 days


I am trying to backup a 3TB mysql database on on EC2 instance using below command

innobackupex --user=root --password=‘xxxxxxxxxxxxx’ --stream=tar /srv/mysqldata_new/dumps/rds3data | gzip -9 | split -d --bytes=322122547200 - /srv/mysqldata_new/dumps/rds3data/backup.tar.gz
Below is the output that is running continuously

log scanned up to (880937057492) >> log scanned up to (880937057492) >> log scanned up to (880937057492)

Its been 5 days since I start the backup and till now 340 GB backed up. Can someone help me on this? How to find estimation time for the backup to complete or how to check percentage of backup completed? Is there any way to speed up the process? I have 3 big tables of size 1 TB,1 TB and 700 GB.

Sai Mandadi