How to delete/Rename an instance which is added from PMM GUI

Hi Team,
i have added an instance with wrong name, when i tried either to un register or change the name of the instance and its services i am not able to find the relevant button or menu for the same

Please let us know how to do that
Note:- I didn’t configure or add instance using pmm-admin command 

Hi @phani111
As per my understanding you can rename it by removing it and adding it back.

also please read below for more understanding. Hope this helps.

@vaibhav_upadhyay40 is mostly correct…well he is 100% correct except that yesterday we released PMM2.8.0 which now allows you to delete directly from the inventory page (upper left corner “PMM” drop-down you’ll see “PMM Inventory” and hopefully from there it’s self explanatory.  

Thank you @“steve.hoffman” for sharing this. It would be bit quick having this option now.

Hi @vaibhav_upadhyay40 : As mentioned i didn’t do agent level installation , i did agent less where i won’t have the pmm_admin command to remove /rename or recreate the instance 
Thanks for the inputs anyhave

@“steve.hoffman” : Thanks for the reply, can you explain me how can we update that to the latest version as we have installed PMM2 as docker installation 
docker pull percona/pmm2 is what we have used to install it 
Is there any way we can update it to latest version or do we have any feature to open the GUI in latest version 
Please suggest . Thanks