how to remove pmm scrap host


i’m changed client server hostname.

ex) to


pmm-admin stop mysql:metrics
pmm-admin stop linux:metrics
pmm-admin purge

pmm-admin start mysql:metrics
pmm-admin start linux:metrics

i hope pmm-server scrap
but pmm server is scrap both of them.

how i can remove scrap?

Hello, thanks for your question. Could you take a look at pmm-admin config to see if that offers what you need?

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You should try to remove node from consul.



This works… to deregister … take in count that the line that says “node”:“node-name” just put the node on the node name.

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pmm-admin has a purge command. Run this (possibly a few times, it can time out with a lot of data accumulated in prometheus). Then deregister with pmm-admin remove, pmm-admin uninstall. That will result in the machine no longer showing up in the PMM web interface.

Then configure it as a new node with a new name with pmm-admin.

Or you can skip the purge part and wait for the data to naturally expire.

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