How to remove unhealthy nodes (target) on PMM1

Dear Supporters,

I have problem with removing the nodes which forgot to remove pmm-client before delete it. I tried to follow this note.

But i’ve just delete node on Consul only. Next step, delete node on Prometheus, i could not delete.
My command as the screenshot below. But it failed to execute.

Would you please support me this case?
Thank you !


Hi @khuent , thank you for posting to the Percona Forums!

The recommended way to remove a node in PMM1 is to use the pmm-admin rm option. Try this first, but if it fails, try then to add the service back using the same hostname and servicename, then remove it again.


Hi @Michael_Coburn,
Thank you for your response.
The first solution that you suggested, is that execute on the client host which i want to remove, right ? Or i can execute it on any host ?
The second solution, Can i add back another with the same hostname and services, is it effect while i delete it on Consul ?

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