How can I used pt-summary on AWS RDS

I want to run your pt-summary on a MySQL database on AWS RDS. Is this possible? If so, could you explain what I need to do in order to be successful?


Hello Gabe,

AWS RDS will not give you access to underlying OS and hence it is not possible to grab the system stats by running pt-summary. You will have to depend on system metric exposed by enhanced monitoring and cloud metrics charts. It goes without saying, ofcourse you won’t be able to tweak them.


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Unfortunately, that’s what I expected.

Are any of these tools possible?

  • pt-mysql-summary
  • pt-duplicate-key-checker
  • pt-query-digest
  • pt-variable-advisor


hmmm can’t help it Gabe! About other tools I’d suggest you to go through the documentation and explore the options. I have used first 3 tools for RDS and they work flawlessly but the 4th tool I have never used against RDS. Though pt-variable-advisor should still work as the option also allow --source-of-variables option.


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Appreciate it - thanks!

Hello @Gabe,
pt-mysql-summary, pt-duplicate-key-checker, and pt-variable-advisor will all work against RDS as they just connect and run some typical SQL. pt-query-digest on the other hand, typically reads a MySQL server slow-query-log and digests the information. You can download the slow log from the RDS console to your local machine and then run pt-q-d. I would recommend instead that you setup and use PMM, as you will get the same benefits of pt-q-d plus a lot more including historical stats.

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