pt-index-usage Log file type

I am attempting to deduce which indexes are not in use on a few RDS boxes. Without being able to run these tools locally, I have taken snapshot of those DBs and put them up on my local machine. At this point pt-index-usage is looking to use the slow or general query log to run the EXPLAINs against but I would like to check all of our extant SQL statements. Can I create a text file of all of the queries in sequence and feed that into pt-index-uasge?

On this page he uses something he call a ‘RawLog’ which is what I intend to create. Can that type of log work?

TIA for any help.


My initial thought it will work however, i didn’t used pt-index-uage with RawLog.
I will test it too and will get back to you on this.

Thank you for the assistance Mr. [COLOR=#252C2F]Irfan. I appreciate it.