Installing pg_stat_monitor on AWS RDS databases

I am trying to install pg_stat_monitor on AWS RDS Databases but it seems that, its not allowed since AWS RDS is managed service by AWS however, there is parameter group option from which I can edit the configuration at Database level and have tried modifying the shared_preload_libraries to allow pg_stat_monitor but it seems AWS does not have this in allowed list. I wonder if is there an alternative using which I can install pg_stat_monitor on AWS RDS Postgres DB.

Thank You

Thank you for reaching out.
Unfortunately, there is no possibility at the moment to use pg_stat_monitor on AWS RDS.
This is one downside of using fully managed DBaaS, that you can use only the extensions that they approved and added to their distribution of Postgres.
You can however use pg_stat_statements, if you are planning to monitor this instance in PMM, it may miss some functionality, but also provides good insight into your queries.