Frontend for Percona Serverless Postgres

Are there any simple front-ends for Percona serverless db? Manage tenants, create a database, get a connection string - that’s about it.

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@snorkles there is no frontend available yet. We started with backend to see if there is an interest to this technology.
Have you tried backend? do you have any feedback ?

I’m going to install it soon. I tried last week (with their install method) on a Hetzner root server and couldn’t get neonvm to work. I’ll try your install instead. Seems like there’s some ground swell in the serverless area with Nile, Neon, maybe PolarDB. I’d be interested to get your take on it. Serverless DBs sort of fits into your wheelhouse (or maybe disrupts it a bit?). Not sure, but it’s probably a good architecture to use if you want to host Postgres. I like the way Nile is approaching multi-tenancy. I think the whole tenant onboarding and user management thing needs to be updated in Postgres and the others. Supabase has got it right. More end-user friendly. Basically, login, create a db, get a connection string - done.