Dynamically create Postgres DB

Hi: Finally a private dbaas! My application needs to spin up a new postgres db every time I create a new project. I’d like to have Everest running in my K8s cloud. I was wondering what would be a simple approach to make that happen. I’m using golang as well. Are there APIs available that I could call? I haven’t dug deeply into Everest yet. Cheers, Dave (great project and idea!)

I think you can use the API to do that

Percona Everest Frontend UI uses APIs too, you can do reverse engineering and see in the browser dev tool what API requests are sent when creating the database and replicate them using API http requests from your Go script.

Thanks, that sounds like a great idea. I’ll give it a shot. btw: I forgot to ask. Are there any plans to add organizations/projects to the Everest web ui?

Here’s a crazy thought. We might try adding a 4th tab to the list of databases and spin up Supabase. There’s already Helm charts etc. created for Supa. That way we could manage multiple Supabase instances. Does that sound feasible?


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You could try it, we had the thought of adding Valkey or FerretDB as an example to do the documentation.
At the moment there is no documentation and you will have to learn the source code yourself.

That’s cool. Nice to know you were thinking of a similar idea as well. I think I’ll give it a shot. btw: Do you do custom work? Cheers, Dave