Error when installing percona monitoring

Hi Guys,

When I try to create the volume data for the docker

sudo docker create -v /srv --name pmm-data percona/pmm-server:2 /bin/true

I am getting this error : write /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ansible/modules/cloud/azure/azure_rm_galleryimageversion.pyc: no space left on device

can you confirm how much space is needed for this volume?

the current free size for /usr is 7.5 GB

Thanks in advance

Hi @wil1319,

By default, the docker related stuff will install in the following cd /var/lib/docker/ directory, so we need around 5 GB space to the above mention directory which is in root directory.

But, to maintain the servers metrics data required minimum 1 GB of storage per monitored database node with data retention set to one week.

Please refer the below link for more details.

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Thanks a lot @Naresh9999