PMM docker volume management and alert management

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We try to add external volume for PMM docker image but it is not working then how can add the external volume and can we implement alert management in PMM

The folders used on data container should be initialized on the image itself.
So you can try to copy the initialized content from data container (4 folders mentioned in the docs) into an external volume and then start pmm-server container with it.

We don’t have alerting on PMM yet but it is on our roadmap.
Grafana 4 which will be released soon can provide some functionality for alerts and we are planning to include it on the following PMM releases.

Hi ,

I have tried an alternative to add external volume while creating the container.I am able to create the container and able to run but later it is not running. below are the command I have tried to create and run the container.

[B]docker create -v /db:/opt/prometheus/data -v /db:/opt/consul-data:rw -v /db:/var/lib/mysql:rw -v /db:/var/lib/grafana:rw --name pmm-test2 percona/pmm-server:1.0.6 /bin/true

docker create -v /db:/opt/prometheus/data:rw -v /db:/opt/consul-data:rw -v /db:/var/lib/mysql:rw -v /db:/var/lib/grafana:rw --name pmm-test2 percona/pmm-server:1.0.6 /bin/true

docker run -d -p 8080:80 --volumes-from pmm-test2 --name pmm-data --restart always percona/pmm-server:1.0.6[/B]

can you please help me how to configure the default volume in docker if possible.currently we are planing to implement this tool in our production but while testing we have taken the root volume of 50GB and by default it allocates 10GB later that volume got filled. we have follow your steps which is there in doc and we try to increase the volume but unable to do that.

What do docker logs pmm-server show? Do you have SELinux enabled? If yes, it requires special attributes to be set for /db folder.

wow…that’s good news. ThX Roman and also Percona!