Recommendation configuration container Docker pmm-server


Can you help me please on container configuration pmm-server ?
In terms of storage and performance?

We want to monitor approximately 50 servers databases (Percona XtraDB 5.5 - 3 nodes, Percona Server 5.5 - SLAVES server, Percona Server 5.6 - SLAVES server and MySQL 5.5 servers).

Do you have any recommendation please ?
Pmm server stores the information on the QAN API and Prometheus will grow gradually ?
Do we have the opportunity to clean the QAN API and Prometheus ?

Do you have recommendation for configuration “volume” for each parts ?
docker create \ -v /opt/prometheus/data \ -v /opt/consul-data \ -v /var/lib/mysql \ -v /var/lib/grafana \ --name pmm-data \ percona/pmm-server:1.0.5 /bin/true Thank you for your help, Regards,


I would recommend splitting servers by environment or their purpose per PMM Server instance (server+data containers) if possible.

There is METRICS_RETENTION option to configure metrics data retention (default 30 days). This works well.
In 1.0.6 there will be QUERIES_RETENTION option to configure Query Analytics retention (default 8 days).

As for managing volumes, I think it does not really matter whether this is a single container or separate.