Converting from TokuDB ( Mysql 5.5.30 ) to Percona Server ( 5.6 )

I’m currently using TokuDB. Unfortunately we’re having some big issues with it including data loss/corruption in our production server.

I’m wondering what is the correct ( and fastest ) way to move from TokuDB to Percona. My first thought is:

  1. Change all tables from TokuDB to InnoDB.
  2. Stop TokuDB
  3. Start Percona with a similar Mysql version ( 5.5.30 )
  4. Check if everything is OK
  5. Upgrade Percona to 5.6

Is this the fastest way?

While doing the initial tests on a development server the first step takes a long time. Currently our database uses ~500GB.

Thanks for any tips.

The plan looks good to me. In order to make alter faster I would try with pt-online-schema-change - there is a chance it would be faster.

However, I am curious what exact problems did you encounter with TokuDB? Did you file bug reports about them?