TokuDB -> Percona Server upgrade path?

Now that Tokutek’s TokuDB builds are no longer available, what is the proper upgrade path? We have servers running some old TokuDB versions, and some newer versions (but none running the latest). Is it a drop-in replacement, or something else altogether?


Were you able to do the upgrade? Could you share the details about how you did it?


Hi fernandomm;

Not sure if you’ve seen this yet, but Percona has a good guide on the installation and upgrade path for TokuDB:

The guide does cover upgrading from older versions, so hopefully that should give you what you need.


Thanks for your reply.

It looks like this guide is outdated. It still contains links to the old tokutek website.

I tried to upgrade by installing Percona TokuDB rpm and pointing datadir to the same that is used by TokuDB. Unfortunately it didn’t worked

Unfortunately, we’re still on an old TokuDB version. We haven’t upgraded yet, as there’s way too much data, and too many unknowns.