Steps to upgrade minor version of Percona/Mysql Server

I’m new here.
Though MySQL community mark version 5.6.13 as GA, I’m still interested in upgrade minor version in my production server.

Currently I have to stop the server, do a mysqldump, uninstall it & install a newer version in CentOS since my database is quite small.

  1. Is there a better way to upgrade minor version of Percona?
  2. One more thing, is there a way to convert my current InnoDB table (MySQL 5.6) to XtraDB (Percona 5.6)? Make a dump -> export to an SQL file, replace ENGINE from INNODB -> XTRADB, that’s it ???

Oracle MySQL and Percona MySQL are binary compatible unless you use a select few options, so in most cases no special consideration needs to be given when moving between the two if the version is the same. When using Percona Server, you do not make a table “XtraDB”, it is just InnoDB with XtraDB code on the backend. So if you want to convert to XtraDB, just replace your Oracle MySQL binaries with Percona Server binaries.

Minor upgrades are generally as simple as shutting down the server, removing the old binaries, installing the new binaries, starting MySQL, and running mysql_upgrade. If you do a large upgrade (i.e. major version, or some critical minor version that may have bigger implications), then it is recommended that you take a logical backup (i.e. mysqldump) and import that into a clean install of the new binaries.