DIFF 5.7.31-34-log Percona Server and 5.6.32-78.1-log Percona Serve


We have precona 5.7.31-34-log Percona Server and 5.6.32-78.1-log Percona Server

I have question about folder structure , because I am new with precona

in 5.6 tokudb files are created inside the datadir not in db folder
Ex : database test
datadir : /data
*.tokudb files are in datadir (/data/) *.frm file generate inside /data/test/

in 5.7 all the files tokudb and frm are created inside /data/test/

Let me know what is the issue , and how do I move 5.6 tokudb files relevant folders .

Best regards

Hello @TAFernando,
TokuDB is a dead MySQL engine. It is no longer supported. I recommend that you switch to MyRocks, and focus efforts testing there.

You should not change any folder structure or move files. The engine expects certain files to be in specific locations and if you move them, you could lose data.

HI Matthewb
Thank you for your recommendation and the reply , Could you please explain why these files are outside in the db folder is it behavior in 5.6 , because 5.7 files are inside the database folder ?

Thank you