Continuing support for innobackupex

I read the following on the main documentation site for innobackupex:


Does this mean support is planning on being dropped for this script? Is there a timeline for deprecation?

There are no plans on dropping support for the innobackupex wrapper script. I expect it will be just deprecated once something better will be introduced and simply there will be no need for using it.

thank you so much for your response!

Actually, there is a plan to merge all functionality into XtraBackup binary itself, see this blueprint: [URL][/URL]

Is there any reason why we should be concerned about relying on this utility? The main comment of concern was that there are “code quality” issues with it. Does that mean it has bugs that could cause it to not function as it’s supposed to or result in anything else of concern such as data not being backed up or something?

Essentially, is there ANY reason I shouldn’t be using innobackupex in a production environment where backups are imperative?

In the code quality comment it’s more about manageability of the code, so for example implementing changes is hard for developers. Innobackupex is used in many many production environments with great success. Also it’s only wrapper script for XtraBackup binary, which is the one responsible for main InnoDB backup part.
So I wouldn’t be concerned about that. Of course no software is bug free and always the best practice is to verify your backups regularly.