innobackupex deprecation, option question

Question 1.
Im studying xtrabackup for sharing to my team members.

In 23 version release note says innobackup deprecated and will be removed in next major release. (It guess the next major version means 24)
But still exists as symlink of xtrabackup written in C.
Will innobackupex go together forever?

I have to decide which tool is better to share to team members.

Question 2.
I think xtrabackup tool support ‘–no-lock’ option but can’t find in parameter manual.
I thinks it works well…(?)
Actually may I use it?.

Thanks to make xtrabackup.

Thanks for your questions.

Question 1

innobackupx is a wrapper to Percona XtraBackup.

The binary for innobackupx is still available but new features won’t be added to innobackupex in the future. New features will only be created for Percona XtraBackup.

So if you anticipate that you might want new features, then probably you should work with Percona XtraBackup.

Question 2

–no-lock is a parameter from innobackupex

So if that’s important to you, you might choose to use innobackupex, but should bear in mind that innobackupex will not have new features added.