Community MeetUp: "Optimization of PostgreSQL instance", Dec 15th

The last Percona Community MeetUp for PostgreSQL of this year 2021 is dedicated to the Optimization of PostgreSQL instances. Matt Yonkovit, the host of the event, will stump the experts about RDS and EC2 live tuning. Jobin Augustine, PostgreSQL Escalation Specialist at Percona, will share some tips and tricks on live use cases and answer all your questions straight away.


Optimization of PostgreSQL instance by Jobin Augustine

  • RDS and EC2 live tuning with experts
  • Tips and tricks from Support Team - optimizing PG instance with PMM
  • Q&A: Stump the Expert!

Join us Live streaming on YouTube and Twitch, and chat on Discord

See you on Wednesday, Dec 15th, 2021 at 12:00pm EST (6:00 pm CET or 10:30 pm IST)

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