Can I install percona server 5.7.37-40 on Debian 12?

My old server is Ubuntu 18.04 with Percona Server 5.7.37-40 and I want to switch master to new server with Debian 12, can I install ver. 5.7.37-40 on it?
And if I install latest 5.7.44-48-1.bookworm, will it be possible to be a master of slave of version 5.7.37-40?

Looking at our downloads page, it does appear we have packages for 5.7 on Debian 12. You should be fine with that source/replica (these are the new terms) version configuration. Since 5.7 is dead beyond reckoning, you really should be upgrading to MySQL 8.0.

Thank you, we are in the middle of upgrading to 8.0 but run into issues with the master before the process can finished.