Where is Percona Server 5.7 for Debian Bullseye?


I’ve noticed that on debian bullseye, after running percona-release setup ps57 that there are no packages for percona-server version 5.7. do I have to do something special to get this to work, or is that version of percona-server not available for debian 11? I’ve seen forum posts from December where percona stated that there were no packages for debian 11 yet, is that still the case?

thank you!


Hi @joshlawrence , welcome to the Percona forums! I checked myself and don’t yet see the builds either available for download:

I’ve asked internally if there is a date set, when I get a response I’ll update this thread. Thanks!


Just wondering, is there any update on this by any chance? Percona Release Lifecycle Overview still shows Debian 11 as being supprted for PXC/PS 5.7

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I totally agree with you.

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when you can expect a stable release PXC 5.7 for debian 11 ?
Since so far there is only a test branch in the repository.

In your compatibility chart you declared full debian 11 support PXC 57/

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