Version archive for Percona Server?

I had the latest Percona Server (5.5.27-rel28.0-291) installed on a new Debian Squeeze environment that we are preparing for use, and had it slaved to our production environment. Almost immediately, the host got bit by a known issue ( ).

As it is clearly inadvisable for us to go ahead with this installation and the only success messages from people are with regards to downgrading to the previous version; I’d simply like to do that.

However, I can’t seem to find DEB files of the previous version (I think 5.5.25a-rel27.1-277) anywhere. The main Percona repository only seems to keep the very latest version of each package.

Does anyone know where I can obtain the latest stable version of Percona Server?



Predictably, as soon as I posted the question I found the answer myself!

For anyone looking to downgrade to the older version, it is here: Server-5.5.25a-27.1/