Benchmarking MySQL Cluster (NDB 7.1.17) using TPC-E benchmarktool


I have a MySQL Cluster(NDB 7.1.17) setup. The storage engine i used was NDB Cluster.I tried benchmarking this using the TPC-E tool. The throughput that i got was only around 1 tpsE.

For the same setup i created a database with InnoDB as the storage engine. When i ran the test using InnoDB as the storage engine, i received more throughput (240tpsE).

I thought the issue was with the NDB. Can u help me in narrowing down the issue.

Thanks in Advance

MySQL Cluster and NDB Storage Engine has a lot of environment variables which you must take with in order to get your MySQL Cluster up & running with acceptable performance. Unfortunately, NDB Storage engine is not like InnoDB that has good start parametrization to compare it with InnoDB.

You should check it out this links:

=> 2010_Cluster_PT.pdf
=> [URL][/URL]

Another thing: before to start over taking with MySQL Cluster again, you must understand that everything (indexes and data) is intended to stay into memory and to have better notion of how much memory you must dedicate to indexes and data in data nodes machines, run s-ndb-size-pl.html

I am looking forward to know more about your tests.