I will change mysql storage engine innodb to ndb

I use innodb engine for mysql later,but I have some people play us games, so I have use mysql cluster .

I think changer mysql storage engin,when I changer it,The mysql server tell me table is full.

I hope everyone can help me…

Thanks all


Do you have any more detailed error message?

The mysql server tell me table is full, and all the data don’t insert into this table…

That wasn’t any more details, that was just repeating your original post.

How big is your table?

What command are you trying to run?

What exact error message is MySQL reporting?

Does it say anything more in the MySQL Error Log?

Are you low on disk?

To be able to help you with your problem we need to know something about it. We aren’t clairvoyant you know.

Hello sterin

When i run “alter table tableName ENGINE = ndbcluster;”

My big table is 500MB.

Error log tell me tablename is full

I change ndb_mgmd.conf configure

DataMemory: 3000M
IndexMemory: 1000M

But also tell me tablename is full


Is the cluster running?

What happens if you execute:

$HOME/mysqlc/bin/ndb_mgm -e show

Two pieces of advice:

  1. you are not ready to be an NDB user. You are playing with high explosives and you don’t have your demolition license.

  2. if you can’t paste the exact error message after being asked repeatedly for it, you should not expect much help on forums.

Thanks All.