XtraDB Cluster installed where?


I currently have a singleton server running Mysql 5.5.
I have been running some test upgrading it to a Percona 5.6, which isn’t myproblem.

My question is:
Do I install XtraDB Cluster on the same nodes as the database servers?
My end goal is to get that singleton server upgraded to 5.6 at least and then cluster it, so I can easily upgrade it.

I am aware of ProxySQL with HAproxy needs to be installed on 2 VM’s with 1 VIP addr.

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I’m confused. You say “singleton” but then talk about PXC, which is a clustering solution requiring 3 servers.

You can upgrade your “singleton” to a single node PXC 5.7 (please skip 5.6, it is dead software. Actually, skip 5.7 as 8.0 is current GA for almost 3 years). Then you can bring additional PXC nodes up and they will sync with your existing server and form a 3 node cluster.

You only need ProxySQL on 2 machines with a VIP. You don’t need HAProxy.

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Let me try to rephrase it :slight_smile:

Currently I have a singleton server, which I need to get setup as a cluster.
I am aware of the different versions and my goal is to get it up to 8.0 :slight_smile: but considering the size of it I can’t just upgrade it 1 version at the time.
Especially not when it’s business critical… It’s lacking some legacy maintenance :frowning:

So what I need to know is basically just where I need to install XtraDB Cluster.

Do I just need:
2 x machines with ProxySQL.
3x Percona Server for MySQL with XtraDB Cluster.

Or should it be:
2 x machines with ProxySQL.
3x Percona Server for MySQL with
(amount)x XtraDB Cluster servers.

Why would I not need HAProxy as the LB?

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can’t just upgrade it 1 version at the time.

Yes, you can. Shut down 5.5, install 5.6, start up Mysql, run mysql_upgrade. Shut down 5.6, install 5.7, start mysql, run mysql_upgrade. shutdown 5.7, install mysql 8 (no need for mysql_upgrade anymore). Done. Probably take you 30 min depending on how fast you can type.

Do I just need:

You have 1 existing MySQL server. Stop mysql 5.5 on this server. Install PXC 5.6. Start this server, properly configured as a PXC node. You will bootstrap this node as it is the first member of the cluster.

Then, get 2 more servers, install PXC 5.7 (or 8), configure, and start them one at a time. They will sync with the existing server. After #3 is done, you have a 3-node cluster.

Why would I not need HAProxy as the LB?

ProxySQL is your LB. You don’t need a load balancer in front of a load balancer.

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I will do it a tiny bit differently but overall same steps.
Just to be dead clear, PXC Node == XtraDB Cluster, which is being installed next to percona-server-5.x ? correct?

I am new to the percona world, last time i used it was way way back, like 10 years.

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PXC Node == XtraDB Cluster Node. PXC == Percona XtraDB Cluster; same thing.

“next to”? I don’t understand. You are “upgrading” MySQL 5.6 to “Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6”. Removing MySQL 5.6 packages and replacing them with PXC 5.6.

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