upgrade peronca xtradb cluster 5.5 to just percona Server 5.6

So back when we first were looking at percona we wanted to use clustered databases. we installed cluster 5.5. For whatever reason the cluster would not work with our software and we now use a master/slave setup. I want to upgrade to Percona 5.6 and wondered if there are any issues with installing the percona Server 5.6 software and upgrading my current 5.5 database which is the PerconaXtraDB cluster. I don’t need the cluster software so I might as well just install the server to avoid any confusion

I upgraded a test db and things seem to be ok. Just curious if there are any other steps I need to perform.



Until you start PXC (Percona Xtradb Cluster) with bootstrap or with settings of cluster, it will work as a normal Percona server. So I don’t think, you should have any issue while upgrading from 5.5 to 5.6. Still I would suggest to check this guide before you upgrade.

[url]Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 - Documentation — Percona Server 8.0 Documentation