xtrabackup, recovery binlogs --start-datetime

Hi Community,

is it unsave to use mysqlbinlog --start-time instead of --start-position when we do recovery?

We take the last full-backup (sunday) all incrementals (mo-sa) and the the binlogs for the recovery day (we rotate the binlogs at 00:00, every day we start with a fresh binlog).

What is with the changes which are happening during the backup. They are stored in the binlogs and also get applied via xtrabackup when applying logs to xtrabackup, right? So it could be that if changes are also in the binary logs that they are replayed twice?!

So the savest solution would be to prepare the backup and start the database, then get the latest binlog position via SHOW MASTER STATUS or from xtrabackup_binlog_info File and replay that changes with mysqlbinlogs --start-position ?

Thank you for your feedback in advance.