innobackupex incremental and binary logs


i am using MariaDB 10. My goal is to restore the db until the last transaction

Is it possible to apply the binary logs with mysqlbinlog to a database restored with innobackupex backup and innobackupex incremental ?

(i saw example using mysqlbinlog after a database restored with innobackupex backup, but no example for a database restored with innobackupex backup and innobackupex incremental. Now it seems that restore with innobackupex incremental backup is faster than restore with mysqlbinlog. So i would like to apply mysqlbinlog only to get the latest transactions)

Thanks for your help

Hi kpaskal;

I do not know of anyway to stop an Xtrabackup restore at an earlier point in time (that would present consistency issues, since the backup is supposed to be a consistent point in time copy). The usual process is to restore your backups to as recent as possible, and then use the binary logs to roll it forward the last bit. If the gap between your backups and the point you are trying to restore to is too large, you could always increase the frequency of your incremental backups, but that of course has storage and performance implications.

Depending on what you are trying to do, another options is to set up the restored copy as a slave of the master that the backup is from, and use START SLAVE UNTIL to roll the backup forward to the point in time you want using replication (which uses binary logs, but it does all the hard work for you). This functionality can be very useful if you are attempting to skip an event, as you can START SLAVE UNTIL just before the event, and then do a CHANGE MASTER to jump forward to after the event, and then START SLAVE [UNTIL] to either go forward indefinitely or stop at another future point.


Thanks you very much Scott for your quick reply