Xtrabackup incremental maximum number of incremental backups

Hello, thanks very much in advance. I have been looking around at Percona and google but cannot find information on my request.
I have a DB around 150G. I am taking daily backups with xtrabackup.
Now, as the site is very secure and even my credentials might have changed when the site need any support; I might login to the site when 7 or 10 days has passed.
Hence I am thinking in taking incremental backups based in week. Sunday full, and rest of days incremental.

But would it also work bakcups based in months? day 1 full, day 2 til 31 incrementals…? or will that be too much?
Is there any recomendation or even limitations in the number of partial incremental backups?

thanks and regards

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Hello, there are a few tradeoffs with incremental backups. If you take just one full backup per month, consider you might have to restore up to 29 incrementals on top of it, if the database fails on day 29 for example. I suggest not having more than 2-3 incrementals between full backups.

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