Incremental Backups using xtrabackup


I was wondering what is the best solution to the problem of restoring a later incremental backup than you intended to.

For example, I’m testing a scenario as follows

(1) Take partial backup of 4 databases once per week

(2) Take incremental backups of those databases every other day.

(3) I then prepare all of them so that the partial backup’s to_lsn number is up-to-date with the last incremental backup.

(4) I then copy the *.ibd files to the data-dir location to complete the restore.

Now what if I then realise I actually wanted to restore to the first incremental backup and not to the last one. Is there any way to do this once the partial backup has been fully restored?

I’m using the xtrabackup tool directly rather than the innobackupex perl script since I only want to backup the *ibd data.

Thanks again for any help.