Noob trying to setup xbcloud to Google

I’m a long time user of xtrabackup locally, now I’m trying to use Google cold storage instead of local, but I’m new to Google cloud.

I think I have a storage bucket and keys, but everything I try never ever appears to try to talk to Google. I can’t find any way to get any error messages out of xbcloud. I think it’s failing since the error is xbstream out put failing.


The sanitized command:

xtrabackup --backup --stream=xbstream --extra-lsndir=/tmp --target-dir=/tmp | \

xbcloud put --storage=google \

–google-endpoint=‘’ \

–google-access-key=‘GOOG+ about 56 chars key stuff’ \

–google-secret-key=‘about 42 chars secret stuff’ \

–google-bucket=‘my-bucket’ \

–parallel=10 \

${date -I}-full_backup

Version info:

Using server version 5.5.68-MariaDB

xtrabackup version 2.4.21 based on MySQL server 5.7.32 Linux (x86_64) (revision id: 5988af5)


xtrabackup: Error writing file ‘UNOPENED’ (Errcode: 32 - Broken pipe)

xb_stream_write_data() failed.

xtrabackup: Error: write to logfile failed

xtrabackup: Error writing file ‘UNOPENED’ (Errcode: 32 - Broken pipe)

xtrabackup: Error: xtrabackup_copy_logfile() failed.

Hi LenR.

I Believe your issue is due to the backup name you are setting:

echo ${date -I}-full_backup

-bash: ${date -I}-full_backup: bad substitution

Try setting to a different name and let us know. If it doesn’t work, please send the output of the full backup passing the --verbose parameter to xbcloud.

I copied that from, didn’t even look for the simple stuff…

Now I’m getting xbcloud: Probe failed. Please check your credentials and endpoint settings.

So I think I’m getting to Google, and failing. The first meal of Google is hard to get into bite sized pieces.


Thanks, finally got it working