Wordpress Performance - What one should I use?


I am currently using Wordpress on my webhosting, the database size is 400mb and it keeps getting really slow, it looks like it’s the MySQL database overloading the server and causing it to slow up, I’ve had a look at all of the queries and none of them seem too much of an issue (the slowlog is empty too).

So I am looking to try and replace MySQL, as I am using Wordpress we have to use a MySQL drop-in replacement, looks like there is only a few possible replacements. I’m looking for some advise and views on what setup works with Wordpress and would likely yeild the best results.

It’s kind of hard to find upto date articles as lots of them mention lots of outdated links/comments that even a novice like myself can find are no longer correct.

If there is a completely different product available that betters Percona / XtraDB / TokuDB with Wordpress please do let me know.