How to migrate from MySQL 5.5.5 to Percona 5.7 on running Plesk 12.5 Debian 7.5

Dear Percona community,

I have heard a lot that Percona is the new way to go on open source db servers. I have a small VPS - 4core CPU; 4GB RAM and SSD on 64bit Debian 7.5 with Plesk 12.5 and MySQL 5.5.5. on stock(out of the box) settings. I have one slow WordPress website with bbPress on it right now. I want to squeeze out everything I can in order to speed up. I have three broad questions. The question number one is - will it be safe to upgrade to Percona 5.7? And the second question is how to do it? The third one - in my situation, will it be a noticeable upgrade in terms of database speed?

I have searched the web for tutorials but none of those I have found really fits my actual stack - Debian 7.5+Plesk 12.5. I just recently started to learn about the server administration for my own VPS.


If you have out of the box settings I would suggest tuning them before considering upgrade. Check my webinar on this topic there are also many blog posts available.

Additionally it is possible some of your queries are not well optimized (Wordpress itself is not bad but some plugins you are using might be horrible) - consider using pt-query-digest to check the slow queries and possibly optimize them.

Thanks a lot Peter!

I will take a look at your webinar and try to tweak the existing MySQL configuration. Should I upgrade to version 5.6?

I have already tried to do some tuning before using this example I made all adjustments just once and, such way I did not had a chance to find out the reason for failure. Maybe someone can see the reason in the failed(my-fail.cnf) config?

Right now I use the basic settings:

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