percona database for wordpress

how to create database in percona to use my wordpress?

Hello that’s quite a question! It depends on your situation with regard to hosting. If you are on shared hosting (for example) you may well find that you are not able to do so… though you might well find a hosting company that does use Percona software. (I’m assuming that you are using self-installed WordPress from and you are not a subscriber.)

While Percona’s code is definitely built for performance, it might be interesting to consider what issue you are trying to solve or improve in looking to use Percona MySQL for WordPress. Percona Server for MySQL is a drop in replacement for MySQL Community edition with extended features. Most WordPress sites, given that they are on shared hosting, probably don’t use Percona Server right now but it doesn’t mean necessarily it’s not a worthwhile thing to explore, depending on your circumstances. Here are WordPress requirements, and so any version of MySQL > 5.6 should be fine… the same would apply to Percona Server for MySQL, therefore.

If you are not on shared hosting, then you should be able to follow the Percona installation instructions to get Percona up and running, after which any WordPress database should just work as it did before. In addition to our generic instructions, which you can find here for 5.7 there is a blog article that you might find useful and a white paper

You might need to do some research to make sure the WordPress and MySQL 8.0 are compatible.

These should answer your questions. As always, please TEST anything before thinking of putting it live!