Where on disk is the "Alertmanager Integration" configured?

Backstory: I’m setting up a git repository for our PMMv2 setup so that we can quickly setup and teardown PMM (and its configurations) when needed.
One setting that I’d like to set on startup is in PMM Settings > Alertmanager Integration. I can’t seem to find the configuration file where this would be set. (Other things in grafana for instance are setup in /etc/grafana.ini or grafana/conf/provisioning)

Or, maybe if it’s not in a configuration file, is there any command I can run before the docker image is run that can set the Integration before startup?

Hmm…we can set most values via an environment variable on container initialization…not sure if that’s one of them.  I do believe there’s a way to do it via the API…have you looked at the swagger info (https://pmmserver/swagger)…I’ll ping the team and see if anyone knows off hand though.  

check here: https://pmm-server/swagger/#/Server/ChangeSettings on your system…it can be set as an API (curl if you like) call once the container is up and running…there’s also a “readiness check” you can do so you’re not firing commands at a container that’s not all the way up and running…

That looks to be it, thank you so much for the answer! Also now that I see the API UI, might be able to use that for other stuff.

Let me apologize now if all the new goodies in the API disrupts what was supposed to be a tech-free weekend :wink: Glad it helped.  I’ll mark that as the answer.