Where is Search?

Where is the Search facility?
I want to ask a question but would like to review what’s already been discussed.
Seems odd a database forum would hide its search tools !

Hey fredman thanks for joining and thanks for the question.

If you go to top right, then you can search the whole of the Percona site from there. In the result set, there are tabs, and you can click on the Forum tab if you want to restrict it to just Forum items.

I believe the reason it was made this way was because our blog has a lot of excellent how-to and troubleshooting content, and we also offer a lot of other free resources on tech subjects (such as white papers, e-books and webinars). So at that point we didn’t want to ‘hide’ the answers by only showing you the forum. However, I also agree that it’s not the most intuitive way of searching content. If you want something specific, feel free to ask and I might be able to help you out.

Also - we have a project to upgrade the Forum towards the end of the year and I would welcome feedback, ideas and suggestions, including if you use forums with similar content that you really like. You (anyone) can email me about that. lorraine.pocklington@percona.com