Searching Forum

Is there an easy way to search these forums?
I see the search box above and I’ve used it, but it is giving results for the whole web site. I’d like to restrict my search to just this forum.

Hello, dspell welcome to the forum and thank you for the feedback too, as I’m currently asking for input from users as we look at ways to improve the forum experience.

So, yes you can just look at forum entries after query … look for your term, then at the top of the list (if you are on the desktop) you will see options to see All answers (the default); answers from the blog; from the ‘official’ documentation, and - the one that you need - forums. Click on the Forum tab and you’ll just see forum responses. It would be good, though, to be able to search within the forum and that’s on my wishlist for the hopefully not too distant future. :slight_smile: