When launching on EC2 PMM-Server, not able to get service name and database name

Hey everyone,

I have launched PMM-Server on EC2 Instance but sometimes it doesn’t show me the database name or service name in the PMM query analytics part. Could you please tell me what is the issue behind it? And also not able to see now node name previously I followed the same exact steps and then it was working.

Hello Ayushi-gupta,

I would suggest that you first check the time which db nodes are using. Sometimes due to time differences, you may not see recently added nodes.

Also, it would help if you had slow log enabled.

Could you please check it and get back to us?

Denis Subbota.
Managed Services, Percona.

But in official documentation, it is recommended to use “–query-source=prefschema” for the MariaDB service.

And could you please tell me how can I enable a slow log query?


  1. Running mariadb 10.9 docker image using a docker-compose file
  2. Running pmm-client on a docker container using a docker-compose file.

Running: docker-compose up to run both containers and connect it to

sudo docker exec pmm-client pmm-admin add mysql --username=pmm --password=pass --host=db --port=3306 query-source=perfschema.

But not getting any nodes on pmm-dashboard