When compiling Percona Server from source, which one is XtraDB?

I’m compiling Percona Server from source and it’s not inherently obvious which plugin you’re supposed to use for XtraDB; it’s not listed in the plugins list under ./configure --help, and you get both innobase and innodb_plugin with 5.1, are the XtraDB enhancements made to both or a specific one or is there something else you need to do?

Also, once you compile with the plugin specified as ./configure --with-plugins=innobase, is there anything else you need to do to make the Percona MySQL build use XtraDB, or will it automatically be available as a table engine?

Using ./configure alone should build the InnoDB plugin by default. XtraDB is an enhanced version of InnoDB, there is no extra step needed if you build your server with the default plugins list.