This link ( code, Can use XtraDB?

If I use this link (GitHub - percona/percona-server: Percona Server) code, the code compiled, is also unable to use XtraDB, can only use the innodb, right?

Can you clarify your question? What exactly you are trying to use?

I want to use xtradb, but I don’t think the code of this link(GitHub - percona/percona-server: Percona Server) includes xtradb code

I used beyondcompare to compare InnoDB in percona-release-8.0.22-13 with InnoDB in mysql-8.0.22. There are some differences in the code. I would like to ask what is the purpose of InnoDB added in percona-release-8.0.22-13

XtraDB Engine is based on InnoDB code with improvements from Percona. In source code it is located in innodb directory as the original source code

Can I understand that InnoDB in percona-release-8.0.22-13 is actually xtradb? Is my understanding correct?

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Yes this is correct.

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