What is the replacement of the enableMajorityReadConcern = false option?

Starting from the MongoDB 5.0, I cannot set enableMajorityReadConcern=false option as it was completely removed from MongoDB.

I’m deploying MongoDB cluster with PSA topology with in-memory storage engine but once the Secondary has been down and keep it to be down very long time, the oplog size of the Primary was increasing, eventually the Primary was also down due to ExceededMemoryLimit error without enableMajorityReadConcern=false option.

How to prevent the increasing of oplog size on Primary member in such situation starting from MongoDB 5.0?

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Hi, first of all PSA topology is not recommended for prod usage. That being said you may use the procedure described at https://www.mongodb.com/docs/manual/tutorial/mitigate-psa-performance-issues/#std-label-performance-issues-psa to get past this issue.

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