Operator complains of mongos size

Coming from psmdb-operator 1.10 to 1.13 I’ve noticed this in my testing from the operator logs:

2022-12-08T20:25:49.642Z	INFO	controller_psmdb	Mongos size will be changed from 1 to 2 due to safe config
2022-12-08T20:25:49.643Z	INFO	controller_psmdb	Set allowUnsafeConfigurations=true to disable safe configuration

I’ve deployed a two replica set and shared cluster, but also have set mongos to 1. I’m guessing the operator wants the number of mongos to match the number of replica sets?

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Hello @dmn ,

this behavior is controlled by allowUnsafeConfigurations flag.
When it is set to false, the Operator makes sure that there are at least 2 mongos pods.
This behavior is described here: Custom Resource options - Percona Operator for MongoDB

Prevents users from configuring a cluster with unsafe parameters: starting it with less than 3 replica set instances, with an even number of replica set instances without additional arbiter, or without TLS/SSL certificates, or running a sharded cluster with less than 3 config server Pods or less than 2 mongos Pods (if false , the Operator will automatically change unsafe parameters to safe defaults)

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